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Welcome to SysTech Engineering Services

Your preferred partner for chemicals, rock tools, hose & fittings and engineering services!

Rubber or Paints Lining.

At SysTech we supply a wide range of specialised and high performance coatings, linings and thermal insulation solutions for industrial and market-specific applications.

Drilling : Drill  Bits

Drilling : Drill  Bits

SysTech offers a wide range of Drilling bits to meet different mining rock conditions.



Drilling  Tools

SysTech Engineering’s bits, extension rods, couplings and shank adapters can be used for top-hammer production drilling in mining, tunneling construction and quarry work. Our extension drilling equipment is designed to transmit the maximum impact energy to the rock with the least possible loss of energy in the drilling chain.

Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

We run 24 hours on site services to make sure that your machinery has the desirable up time. We have skilled technicians manning your machines for both preventative and breakdown maintenance.